Houston Howard Hughes Airport

Houston Municipal Airport (KHOU) was renamed to "Howard R. Hughes Airport" in the 1930s to honor the famous Houston aviator. Hughes made huge contributions to aviation at large as well as to the Houston Municipal Airport.

Unfortunately, regulations in the 1930s prohibited the naming of an airport after a living person. Therefore, the name change was reverted. In the 1960s after the death of ex-Texas Governor, William P. Hobby, the city renamed it "William P. Hobby airport."

The Hobby name does not reflect the history of the airport or the legacy of Houston in aviation. Additionally, although Hughes is deceased, it is now commonplace to name an airport after a living person (the other large Houston airport is named after President George H. W. Bush).

Hobby Airport should be renamed "Howard Hughes Airport" as a reflection of this history and to apply modern regulation to a past decision.

Howard Hughes in front of an airplane.

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